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One Site Library

This library includes various books, etc., to help your child’s reading development. At Baby Yale Academy, we believe that reading is fundamental. Each program will be age appropriate. Our program will help students learn:

  • • Print awareness
  • • Phonemic awareness; alphabetic awareness
  • • Sound-symbol association
  • • Directionality words, spatial manipulation, etc
  • • Students will be able to identify all of the alphabets and identify own name in print and print own name
  • • Students will begin to read
  • • Students will begin blending sounds and the use of increasingly complex vocabulary
  • • Students will begin to learn consonants, short vowels and plural endings, etc

This program will create literacy activities that will lead to automatic recognition of letters of the alphabet; knowledge of letter sounds, the blending of sounds and the use of increasingly complex vocabulary.

Establish activities that will encourage the love of reading for Students by implementing consistent reading competencies and routines during the formal school hours, and by assisting parents in suggesting age appropriate material for their child’s home reading.

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